mofa attestation


Are you planning to move to the UAE? Expatriates need to apply for a residential visa – student visas, family visas, spousal visas, business visas, and employment visas. Application for UAE visa involves submitting attested certificates or documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE.

Applicants inside the UAE must complete their attestation from the issuing country until MOFA UAE attestation.

Documents that you must attest include marriage, birth, commercial, and educational certificates.


Document Attestation Within The UAE


The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be the final step for the attestation process. It verifies that your documents issued abroad are legal.

After completing the document attestation, you can now use your documents legally in the UAE for any purpose – school admission, employment application, sponsoring family visa, etc.


Why Should I Hire a Professional for UAE Attestation?


The process of document attestation for UAE use is quite complicated, especially for expatriates unfamiliar with the process and the rules of different governmental bodies. Trusting your documents in the wrong hands may lead to certificate misplacement and errors within the whole attestation process.

Attestation companies like Stanford Global Attestation Services have enough experience in the attestation industry, especially for UAE visa purposes. Rest assured, we will update you regarding the progress of the attestation regularly.


How Long Does The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Take For Attestation?


Completing the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take at least 3 to 5 working days. If our clients need urgent services, we also offer Express Services.

You must translate some documents to avoid rejections from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translation process can add a day or two to the entire timeframe given. We can send it to our reliable translation office partners, who will finish the job according to UAE’s rules and regulations if you require translation.

Expatriates who want to apply for a visa in the UAE need to have their documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa approval. 

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