Certificate Attestation in Pakistan


Certificates and documents issued from Pakistan are invalid to be used abroad without any authentication. Suppose you have Nikkah Nama (marriage certificate); you must translate it into English before any attestation for UAE use.

Procedure For Pakistan Certificate Attestation

1) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan

Pakistan certificates and documents will be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan. MOFA Pakistan attestation is not for the certificate’s content. They verify the previous attestations made by the other governmental bodies of Pakistan through countersigning the previous authentication or attestations done by the authorities.

MOFA Pakistan only attests certificates in Urdu or English language. If the certificate to be attested is in another language, it must be translated by the Pakistan Government’s approved translators.

After the attestation by MOFA, it will always be valid unless Pakistan Government announces any new rules.

2) UAE Embassy attestation in Islamabad, Pakistan

Attestation from the UAE Embassy in Islamabad will be the next step. UAE Embassy has authorized some companies if you need collection and delivery of your documents. The embassy will reject any documents brought by any individual.

Requirements for Pakistan Certificates Attestation in the UAE Embassy:

  • Original Certificate
  • Copy of UAE Residence Visa
  • Passport Copies
  • CNIC ID copy

3) Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in the UAE

After the attestation in Pakistan, you can now attest it with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

You can hire attestation services professionals like Stanford Global Attestation Services to save your time and money. You will need to provide us with these requirements:

  • English-translated version of your certificate
  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copies/Resident Visa copies

For more information, please contact Stanford Global Attestation Services by calling our UAE hotline at +971 58 648 2332. We are also available on WhatsApp.

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