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France Certificate Attestation for the UAE

For documents issued in France to be recognized in the United Arab Emirates, they must undergo a specific attestation process. As France is a signatory to the Hague Convention, documents are typically legalized through an Apostille, a form of authentication accepted by around 119 countries. However, the UAE does not recognize the Apostille due to its non-membership in the convention. Consequently, individuals planning to live, study, or work in the UAE must ensure their French-issued documents are properly attested. This France certificate attestation involves additional steps to verify the document's authenticity, fulfilling the UAE's legal requirements for foreign nationals.

What is the procedure for French Certificate Attestation for UAE use?

The procedure for attesting French certificates for use in the UAE involves several steps to ensure the documents are legally recognized for various purposes, such as employment, study, or residency. Here's a general overview:

1. Verification of Documents

The relevant authorities in France must first confirm that your French documents are genuine. For educational documents, this might involve obtaining a Certified True Copy that is recognized for the legalization process. Personal documents must be original since French authorities do not accept Certified True Copies for personal certificates during the attestation process.

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in France

The next step is getting your documents attested by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This attestation confirms the document's legitimacy in France. Note that for personal documents, the MOFA in France and the UAE Embassy in Paris require original certificates, and these personal documents are valid for only three months for attestation purposes.

3. UAE Embassy Attestation in Paris

Following attestation by the French MOFA, the UAE Embassy in Paris must attest the documents. This step confirms that the UAE Embassy now recognizes the documents after the French government authenticated them.

4. MOFA Attestation in the UAE

Upon arrival in the UAE, the final step involves getting your documents attested by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This ultimate attestation ensures that your French certificates are accepted for official use within the United Arab Emirates.

How do I get an Apostille in France?

1. Determine Document Eligibility

First, identify if your document requires an Apostille for its use abroad. Common types of documents include legal certificates, educational degrees, and official government records.

2. Prepare the document

Make sure that the document is original and fully intact. Some documents may need prior certification before they are eligible for an Apostille.

3. Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France oversees international document legalization, the actual issuance of Apostilles is delegated to the local "Cour d'Appel" (Court of Appeal) where the document originated. For educational documents, this authority typically lies with the regional academic recognition office (rectorat) under the Ministry of National Education.

4. Submission to the Cour d'Appel

Submit your document to the appropriate Cour d'Appel or Rectorat, either in person or via mail, for the apostille. This step includes the verification of the document's and the signature's authenticity.

5. Fee Payment

Be prepared to pay a processing fee, if applicable. Check in advance the fee amount and acceptable payment methods directly with the Cour d'Appel or Rectorat.

6. Apostille Issuance

After processing, the Apostille, a form of stamped certificate, will be affixed to your original document, certifying it for international use in Hague Convention countries.

Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays a key role in France's document legalization framework, regional legal authorities or educational administrations actually perform the Apostille service. For documents intended for use in non-Hague Convention countries like the UAE, further legalization steps, including attestation by the UAE Embassy in France and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, are necessary. Always verify the most current procedures and requirements with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance.

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