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A marriage certificate is a legal document that proves a marriage between two individuals. It is a record of the wedding that includes the names of the married individuals, the date and location of the marriage, the name of the person who officiated the marriage, and other relevant details. The marriage certificate is required for attestation because it serves as proof of marriage. It is used to establish the legal relationship between a husband and wife.

Is A Marriage Certificate Attestation Required For A Family Visa In The UAE?

A marriage certificate is generally required for a family visa in the UAE, as it is proof of marriage between the sponsor and their spouse. With a marriage certificate, the visa application may be accepted or completed.

How Do I Attest A Marriage Certificate For A UAE Visa?

Marriage certificate attestation is the process of verifying and authenticating the legality of a marriage certificate in Dubai. The attestation procedure incorporates a number of government and non-government institutions to guarantee that the certificate is legitimate and legally enforceable. The attestation process is mandatory in Dubai for several purposes, such as applying for a spouse visa or sponsoring a dependent family member.

Step 1: Home country notary public attestation

The first step is to have a notary public in your home country certify the original marriage certificate. The notary public will verify the authenticity of the document and stamp it.

Step 2: Home Department Attestation from the home country

The next step is to have your home country's Home Department or the appropriate state department certify the marriage certificate. This step verifies the document's authenticity and ensures it is legally binding.

Step 3: Home country Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

The next step is to have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the home country certify the marriage certificate. The MOFA verifies the authenticity of the document and attests to its validity.

Step 4: Home country consulate in the UAE or UAE Embassy attestation

The next step is to have the UAE Embassy in your country or your consulate in the UAE attest the marriage certificate after the MOFA has done so. The embassy or consulate verifies the authenticity of the document and attests to its validity.

Step 5: MOFA Attestation in Dubai

The final step is to get the marriage certificate through MOFA attestation in Dubai. This step verifies the document's authenticity and ensures it is legally binding in Dubai.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Marriage Certificate Attestation?

The duration to attest a marriage certificate for a UAE visa may vary depending on various factors, such as the country of issuance, the type of service provider, and the processing speed chosen. Generally, it can take 3 to 10 working days or even longer in some cases. It's always recommended to check with the service provider for the estimated time required for the attestation process.

How Do I Get An Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation For UAE Visa?

  • Obtain a notarized copy of the marriage certificate.
  • Attest the certificate from the Home Department or sub-divisional magistrate.
  • Obtain the certificate's MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation.
  • Attest the certificate from the UAE embassy or consulate in India or the Indian consulate in the UAE.
  • Finally, get the certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai (MOFA Dubai) in the UAE.

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