Canada Certificate Attestation


Individuals who have degree certificates from Canada must get their documents attested to apply for a student, employment, or residential visa in the UAE.

Foreign nationals who want to work, live, or study in the UAE must follow the UAE's strict attestation requirements. By having your certificates attested, you can prove that they are legitimate.

Canada's attestation has several steps. We suggest hiring a reputable attestation services company like Stanford Global Attestation Services. We have never experienced any rejected applications in our years of experience.

Stanford's team is detail-oriented. We know the procedures and requirements, so you do not have to worry about anything other than providing your certificates. Rest assured that your Canadian degree attestation will be finished within the quoted timeframe when you hire us.

Attesting Canadian Documents For UAE

Canada is not a member of the Hague Convention (Apostille countries). Their attestation process is known as Authentication and Legalization.

Before your certificate's Authentication and Legalization, it will go through Notarization – a Notary public signs or stamps a degree to guarantee its authenticity.

The Process of Getting A Canadian Degree Attested

Step 1: Notarization

A lawyer or a notary public will attach a signed notary seal to your degree.

Step 2: Authentication

We will submit your documents to Global Affairs Canada for further authentication. An authentication certificate will be attached to your degree.

Step 3: Legalization

After the authentication for Global Affairs, we will send your degree to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa. They will attach a Legalization certificate on the first page.

Your educational institute must send your sealed transcripts to the UAE Embassy directly – it is a requirement.

Please note that the UAE Embassy will only begin the attestation process once they receive the transcripts. You may need to pay some fees to the embassy for their services. They accept money orders, bank drafts, and certified checks. Payments made will be non-refundable; that is why it's important to submit correct papers on the first go.

This is the last stage of the attestation process in Canada. We will send your degree certificates to UAE.

Step 4: MOFA UAE Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE will issue the final stamp; after this, your Canadian degree is fully-attested and can be used in the UAE for visa purposes.

If you send us an electronic copy Canadian degree, we'll give you a free quote.

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