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Nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities in the United Arab Emirates offer a great quality of education that is why many expatriates from different countries are applying to study in the UAE. However, attested transfer certificates are required by academic institutions in the UAE before accepting applicants.

Transfer Certificates are documents issued by an educational institution for students who wish to apply for another school in the same country or abroad. This is to prove that the individual really studied in the specific school or university before applying to a new one.

Attestation of Transfer Certificates is the process of legalizing your documents to prove their authenticity. Without complete attestation on your transfer certificates, you cannot apply in any schools or universities in United Arab Emirates.

Transfer Certificates most often include these useful details for the new university or school to use as reference:

  • Certificate holder’s full name
  • Certificate holder’s date of birth
  • Name of the Educational Institution
  • Purpose of Issuing the Certificate
  • Date of the student’s admission and date of leaving
  • Details of the institution’s authorized person
  • Student Number (if applicable)

For the Attestation of Transfer Certificates:

1. Verification from the issuing country's Ministry of Education

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country

3. Embassy of the country you will use it for, inside the issuing country

4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country you will use it for

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