Australia Certificate Attestation


The UAE requires foreigners to submit their attested documents or certificates to apply for employment or residential visas. Individuals seeking employment visas must have attested documents, married couples with children must attest their marriage certificates and children’s birth certificates, and entrepreneurs who plan to have businesses in the UAE must attest their commercial certificates.

 Australian certificate attestation is complicated; it has multiple steps to submit your certificates or documents to different governmental bodies for authentication.Australian governmental bodies will attest the certificates first, then the UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

We recommend you leave the process to the professionals because of its complication. Stanford Global Attestation Services only have experts in our team and is committed to assisting clients worldwide. We have been helping thousands of clients from Australia with the attestation of their documents or certificates.

 Our approach is detail-oriented; that is why we have never had application rejections. Stanford’s team is well-aware of the entire attestation process and the UAE Laws. Rest assured we will complete your attestation within the given timeframe.



The Process of Getting Australian Birth Certificates Attested


Steps to Attestation for Australian birth and marriage certificates are as follows:


Step 1: Authentication from the DFAT


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Australia will attest birth and marriage certificates.

Once we have your documents, we will safely transfer them for attestation through our trusted courier partners. After the authentication from DFAT, you can use your documents abroad.


Step 2: Legalization from the UAE Consulate in Melbourne


After the DFAT has authenticated your certificate or document, we will submit your documents to the UAE Consulate in Melbourne, Australia.

After the Consulate stamps the documents, they can be sent back to the UAE to proceed with the final step.


Step 3: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE


For the final step of the attestation process, we will submit your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, which overlooks all certificate attestation done for foreigners or expatriates.

Once completed, you can already use your Australian certificates to apply for employment, student, or residence visas in the UAE.


How Long Does It Take?


Australian documents take longer than the other countries to complete the attestation process. Stanford Global Attestation Services will update you with the progress from time to time, so you know where your certificates are always.

Because we’re detail-oriented, we’ve never had a rejection. Rest assured that we will complete the job on time when you hire us.

If needed, we can offer Express service at an additional cost.


Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information. You can contact our team by calling our UAE hotline at +971-58 648 2331. We are also available on WhatsApp.